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The two men landed on the ground. The two big swords struck each other fiercely. Although the energy ripples burst, they were insufficient to attack the realm of the giants lightning, nor the realm of the holy light of the runic mech.


Montero gave a cold laugh. At the instant the Wind God disappeared, the mech had transformed into human form. When he appeared from the void, Monteros Ability X exploded. The four claws on the sides of the Hunting Demons moved in unison. Rays and rays of energy struck out. An energy web sealed off the void exit completely.


Off the stage, the feelings of Yan Xiaosu and the rest were fluctuating time and again. Truth be told, it would take a strong heart to be able to endure this.


As for knife aura, Wang Zheng was no stranger. Actually, he understood such a way of attack better than some others,it was just that Qiankun Zadeh’s knife aura was not a real knife aura. The key was that the Wind God Arts’ internal energy had created enough power to warp space. But in the last battle, Wang Zheng had expended some energy, and he had to regulate himself if he did not want to sustain an internal injury. So he could only dodge what he was faced with.


Count me in, Wang Zheng, said Governor Mu Shen. The close relationships between the Titans and Wang Zheng was not a secret. Furthermore, Mu Zhen was in Saruman Snake.


Going into the team battle, he would not dare to say that he could take down the Sword Shield Rose battle team, but they were more than adequate to handle the Dynasty battle team. With far-sightedness and temperament, the Dynasty battle team could not suppress Ai Zhengyang. Furthermore, he was certain that his tactics would be able to suppress the opponents completely.

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Jondi Lilick nodded. The two aces in Wang Zhengs hands. The first is the king of the group battle Golden Wheel Fighting God. The second is the king of individual challenge Hercules, and this would also be the world-famous Spinning Spade. If there are people out there who still do not know about this, they can make references to the battles of the Greatest King. This will be the fiercest battle!


Bolet was silent for a while. “According to the current data, Saruman Snake has three Earth-rank warriors. Wang Zheng is a little more mature and possesses Earth-rank two power. The other two are level one. It is somewhat a pity that Snow Li is a sniper. The current team battle arena does not give a sniper the opportunity to perform. In a battle between Earth-rank warriors, non-Earth-rank warriors basically have no opportunity to perform.”


Next was the introduction of the members of the Aslan Empire’s Sword Shield Rose battle team. When each of the holographic images popped up, it caused the entire audience to stand up and applaud. This was the home team, so the Aslan people’s enthusiasm was undoubtedly high.


Noel walked out silently. No sign of the joy of defeating a deadly expert; merely completing an insignificant task. He saluted to the audience and returned to his position.


Mars’ reaction was of god-like speed. His left arm suddenly blocked it off horizontally… Boom


As such, Luo Fei could not allow Mars to admit defeat, neither could he let the battle end. What he needed was…


Lear smiled. The smile itself was not the issue, but Pang Tong was pricked by the contempt and ridicule in his eyes. Pang Tong could not continue on – it would make him appear especially childish.



Ruhrut saw the information officer’s pale white face even before his words had ended. He lifted his head up again. The scene shown on the warship’s viewfinder screen caused him to be unable to even utter a word.



The room was still filled with silence. The importance of two wins at this moment was not something that they could easily agree to. It was more than just words and empty promises. Everyone knew the weight of Wang Zheng’s words. If they were to lose a battle, Wang Zheng would have no other choice. He would never give up. He wouldn’t push the responsibility to Aina. This was the pride of a man. He would fight to the death.


Lear had also put in quite some effort on Ai Zhengyang of the Zero Degrees battle team. The Zero Degrees battle team were all Water element wielders. A single attribute could be very powerful, but at the same time, if it was targeted correctly, the result could be equally effective.


Achilles’ Heavenly Dragon Knight appeared before Hinrich. Hinrich seemed to be waiting for him quietly. Hinrich did not seem to feel inferior at all even when confronted with an Earth-rank warrior like Achilles.

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