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The energy shield shook. He was hit. He did not manage to dodge after all. Zhang Shan continue to dodge using his power. Teleportation couldnt be used mindlessly. Every usage was to save his life. However, the crucial matter was that he was here to win, not to lose!


Mars’ pupils contracted. He knew the power of that kick. Although he had felt the resistance from Wang Zheng’s back, normal people could not train the backbone. Had he mis-kicked?


At the same time, Noel’s restraint had also dissipated. The Phantom King’s body was disillusioned, ready for switching displacement. But that deadly double-edged hatchet reappeared, directly pulling in the physical body of the Phantom King.


The fourth person was the sniper of Saruman Snake, Snow Li, who was born in the year of the Ice Dragon Dancing. When Snow Li stood beside Lie Xin, it became a beautiful scene.


Meng Tians vision slightly flashed. It was strange, the person was obviously right in front of her eyes, yet there was a feeling of non-existence.


The sword’s energy swept past and the ball of thunder exploded in an earth-shattering manner in the air. The surrounding buildings collapsed in a rumble

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“Snow, this can’t be happening. Every one of you has shown vast improvements. What am I to do?” Zhang Shan’s faced was bitter. How could a breakthrough just happen without any warning? He dearly wanted to have a breakthrough.


Wang Zheng was weak in his powers of earth and metal. But for ice, wind, and fire, his comprehension was deeper than Aragorns. Each had their advantages and disadvantages. They were definitely evenly-matched.


He wanted to personally send this respectable opponent on the road to hell!


His laser sword was shining brightly. His energy was stimulated by the power of the five elements. Light beams began to inflate, and then continuously shrank.


The Arbiter seemed calm and collected, unwavering like a mountain. The two auras collided. From the selections of their mecha, it was obvious that it would be an offensive battle for both. It was a battle of the vanguards. It was crossing an unavoidable narrow path, and only the brave would win. Whoever quivered would die, and it would also affect the future battles.


This was Aslan’s military laboratory base. The teams and military from the various countries were all present.


A strong body could sustain such mental outburst. The dark element had always been uncommon. The attacks that he had used previously, had been more about the spirit-driven energy. Although the impact of the mental outburst was extensive, it lacked physical attacks. The PPO injection helped to elevate the situation.



To Jondi, Saruman Snake was like a god leading a pack of minions. The rest simply could not keep up with Wang Zhengs pace. But



Unless their opponent had five members who possessed the fire element to counter them, this level of freezing power, limiting the opponent’s Ability X, and suppression of combat abilities would definitely impose interference on their opponents’ abilities. As soon as the team battle began, Zhou Yun, Pang Tong, and Anluda were eliminated, and taken away by the energy shield protection of the SIG Organizing Committee. The ice storm created by the five members, took out these three who had yet to reach Earth-rank level.


However, the difference was that for Earth-rank warriors, they combined their inner and outer strength to form a presence that held actual killing power. What was contained internally made the titanium blade incomparably durable. But the heaven and earth strength that Mars attracted made the killing aura even more distinct. It was similar to a laser effect, but even more petrifying.


At the moment of letting go of the attack, the Knight of Holy Light immediately returned three strikes, streaming lights movement!

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