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This alone led Wang Zheng to suspect that Aragon probably possessed the Earth-rank 3 comprehension capability. Earth-rank 1 was the application of details. Earth-rank 2 was the derivation of powerful killer attacks. Earth-rank 3 was akin to returning to the origins, requiring control and understanding of the mental strength.


Ice and fire composite would decompose and the power that had lost control would explode. What remained would only be a tornado charging towards the Fighting Spirit. The Fighting Spirit threw a punch and the tornado dispersed.


The Aslans in the audience cheered. This was obviously the superior performance of the Aslan’s mech. The Mayans could equip themselves with technology in other countries and pretend to be powerful, but it was useless in front of the Aslans.


As soon as the two mecha came on, a breath of battle spirits already filled the arena. For Wang Zheng, it was a team that they needed to defeat. It was the same for Aragorn. There was no avoiding.


Ye Zisu shook her head. Wang Zheng isnt the kind to make a joke like this. If he says he wants the championship, he will definitely get it. He has not disappointed anyone yet.


The heroic Shan had never known what retreat was. He was not afraid to be embarrassed. There was nothing to be embarrassed about!

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The tremendous energy was continuously absorbed, and this had nothing to do with the flames. Hence, Eve Litt is unable to stop it. At the same time, this was the first time such a weird technique and energy had been seen.


Aragorn was one of the parties involved. Having witnessed everything in the qualifying rounds, while this madman was facing him now, he was still thinking about the future.


In a flash, a wave of raging flames shot towards Lie Xin. Lie Xin did not dare to intercept. This was no ordinary flame. The mech maneuvered sideways instantly. The exquisite maneuvering managed to dodge the attack completely. Hinrich attacked continuously. Wave after wave, the flames blasted towards the mech. Any building hit by the raging flames eroded instantly.


It was obvious that this teleportation technique was relatively advanced, or it could be said that that kind of procedure was a gap. When they entered the Saint World, they were actually doing a type of space shift. Meng Tian was, after all, a student of Ares College, so she also understood space shift techniques, but not to such levels.


The Holy Light ability was special, but there were shortcomings as well. The shortcoming would be that it was unlike the minor five elements, which were skewed towards attack, defense, or special attributes. The Holy Light was an all-rounder, increasing all attributes, defending against negative energy, as well as good for healing, making it an excellent ability. And it was indeed able to counter in all aspects. However, against a physical technique expert such as Achilles, he was unable to counter Achilles, and instead, Achilles countered him.


The battles for day two had finished. The Arbiter Soulless battle team had advanced easily and indisputably. Arbiter was still powerful.


At the monitoring room, basically all the generals were present. They had not expected island A to be that intense. The elimination rate was frightening, in addition to Wang Zheng’s astonishing fighting power.



Atlanteans were indeed sensitive. The Titans were not humans and had very primal battle talent. But the difference was still very huge. However, the Atlanteans would give the same respect to any nation that respected battle.



Oh, I see. Then I dont have to worry. Actually, you might know yourself, Prime Minister, after some period of time, we Atlanteans have to choose a member from the royal family to marry a human. This is to further integrate ourselves into the Milky Way Alliance family. This time, I am entrusted by my Queen. As you know, I have an older sister


The Saruman Snake battle team’s skill level aside, Wang Zheng was unquestionably strong. He had single-handedly taken down two Earth-rank pros in the Greatest King Competition. His ferocious Wind, Fire, Ice combination ability had seared its way into public memory. Perhaps there were imbalances in the Saruman Snake battle team, but no one present dared to snub or underestimate Wang Zheng.


The Dynasty battle team, which had been passive throughout, had beaten the Zero Degrees battle team by a close shave, becoming the second to obtain the rights to qualify for the top four. Their opponent for the semifinals would be the Sword Shield Rose battle team.

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